Readers have called this memoir riveting, captivating and vivid; fast-paced and often hilarious; thoughtful, funny and evocative. Written with great energy and really good dialog, this remarkable page-turner is a must read for college students and baby-boomers alike.  Ted Hill is an outstanding writer and a master storyteller.

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posted July 9, 2017


 Picture Indiana Jones as a mathematician. The life described in this memoir is a good deal more complicated and nuanced than the movie hero’s, but its author is no less a stereotype-breaker. This book takes us from Ted Hill’s years as a cadet at West Point to his retirement. Almost nothing he did followed a conventional path… This is a remarkable memoir, one unlikely to find its match in the diversity of experiences it describes. Hill is a master storyteller. MATHMATICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (MAA REVIEWS)

Thirty years [after Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman], Ted Hill’s Pushing limits: from West Point to Berkeley and Beyond conveys the exact same sense of exaltation. Ted is a world-class mathematician—and, like Feynman’s, his tales are almost unbelievable…adventures of an academic set loose in the world. BERNOULLI NEWS

Ted’s story is much more than a chronological replay of the exciting, wacky adventures and events of his life…Pushing Limits gave me a glimpse of a world of adventure and challenge, risk and reward, math and military, and right and wrong…CYBER DEFENSE REVIEW

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Pushing Limits: Memoir of a Maverick from Soldier to Scholar

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